Meeting the Team

Elias Kutadzaushe


It gives me pleasure to welcome you to our website at Valley Crest Academy and the special addition of online learning. The purpose is to provide secondary education through internet technology that will inspire learners to succeed.

Online teaching and learning is the newest alternative to the traditional face-to-face classroom approach. We have decided to adopt this in light of global changes.  Nevertheless, we do not mean to forsake classroom instruction, completely. We are taking online teaching and learning as a stop gap measure to alleviate the unprecedented disruption to school learning caused by the advent of Covid-19. It might also interest you to note that we wish to adopt online instruction as a permanent feature beyond Covid-19. We see this as an inevitable development to augment our teaching-learning processes.

Online learning is one that is delivered via the internet to learners using home computers and soon, smartphones. It is a kind of distance learning excluding face-to-face interaction. As a result, parents are encouraged to secure for their children, either of the following: a laptop,  an e-learning compliant tablet,  or a reasonably large screen smart phone. These are intended to help learners to access information and/or receive guidance from their teachers.

Effective skills in internet manipulation is key to the success of this program. Therefore, both teachers and learners will need skills training in internet procedures. In this case, parents will be required to assist their children to acquire the prerequisite skills in internet usage, while the school will take care of the teachers. I believe that proficiency will be achieved during the course of action.

I hope all stakeholders will find this program exciting and motivating.